The Idol Box is the intersection of idolatry, idle time and ideas. Three facets of loving art, seemingly wasted time, and talking about all of the above.  The archetypes are changing, what’s a “nerd” when everyone is in a niche, and simultaneously moves between niches? What’s identity when we exist in triplicate: in the world, on the internet, within ourselves? Our lives are increasingly interconnected and so are all of our interests. Its impossible to talk about our entertainment, without talking about economics, without talking about politics, without talking about class, race, gender, sex, performance.

The conversation doesn’t have limitations, so the conversation has been left open ended. Geeks, Nerds, Fans & Fandom, Cults, Criticism and Commentary have become seamless. You can’t draw a line between creator and consumer, we’re all content curators and IP farms.

What do we care about, how do we care about it, why do we care? Idol – Idle – Ideas. The future of pop-culture is expanding exponentially, the Idol Box doesn’t contain it, it’s from where we witness it.

– Ulises Farinas




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