This is my response to that terrible Bleeding Cool article. Not gonna link it.

I’m mad about ‪#‎Ferguson‬, and i’m being asked what am i doing about it, and i’m just harshing on someone else’s fun, and criticizing some one trying to do something good. But what all Yale Stewart’s fans and himself are missing, is i’m not mad at some stupid fan art, i’m mad because this is how it always is.

Some shit happens, and to have some white guy decide to make a feel-good chibi image, for his own self promotion, and have all his fans pat themselves on the back for ‘caring’, is just a bunch of motherfuckers playing tourism in a racism theme park.

I don’t want your fucking chibi, i don’t want to be nice, i don’t want some cute Hal Jordan saying he supports Ferguson, and by extension, all victims of police brutality. I don’t want this to settle down and he goes on to the next tragedy, to “support”. Don’t hallmark card this shit.

Because long after this is done, long after no one remembers this pointless twitter scuffle, the opportunistic bleeding cool, the parasitic Rich Johnston, the tone-deaf Yale Stewart – I’ll still be loud, proud, brown and angry.

I’ll still remember my father being arrested when i was a kid, i’ll still know my father was a victim of a police state imprisoned without trial for 10 years in cuba, my mother was a victim of a predatory mental health system, i’ll still have it in my blood that all this shit that happens to poor people, mostly brown people.

And then you draw a cartoon that says you support me? Where were your cartoons last week? Where was your voice last month? Last year. Because i’ve been talking this shit for as long as anyone knows me, and i will keep talking about it. I don’t get to play tourist, i don’t get to play at self promo, for me, any time i talk about racism, i gotta worry that this is the time people get tired of seeing it.

Long after your visit, i’ll still be living in the America that you can’t even see.

This is why i hate what Yale Stewart did, don’t let any other story twist it.

From twitter, the conversation continues, since a lot of his fanboys are writing me there _

I will never hallmark card my existence. I will always be angry, & it might be irrational, it might be wrong, but thats what America made me

I don’t draw cute shit for how i feel about #ferguson because its disgusting, revolting, unbearable, and there’s nothing i can do to express

that long after the debate is over with the white person online, after i’m kicked out of bars, made a party weird, i go home and im still mad

Because nothing has changed, nothing changes, and you motherfuckers are telling me Yale Stewart, he’s the one making the change w/ Chibi JLA

I didn’t wake up on the wrong side of the bed, i woke up on the wrong side of the tracks. You can keep your hallmark cards and self promo.

But go ahead, let Yale Stewart tell you how he helped Ferguson. Congrats, I wish some of that money would’ve bailed me out of being poor.

rant done. Enjoy your Sunday, this won’t matter in a week. None of these tweets do.



    • “You people?” What the actual fuck are you talking about? Are you out of your fucking, bite-sized mind? It’s not enough for you to leave a racist comment – you leave a racist comment that reads like it was written by an eighty-year old man, quaking with fear at all of the brown people moving into the neighborhood, too old to realize what an ignorant prink he is.

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