Dear Mister Misses

I have black friends, spanish friends, and I’m a mix of mexican and white. But there is nothing more I hate than driving through the ghettos and seeing people not take care of where they live. Waiting for the government to do something about it. Is that racist?

The government is a magical thing. They are simultaneously the most and least capable group of people on the planet. Which government? Any government. It allows us to blame a higher power for all of the bad things and good things we believe exist. But unlike God, we can prove that a government exists. But also unlike God, it is not nearly as powerful as you think it is.

The delusion that poverty is deserved, that poverty may also be a result of of a person’s race, and that a symptom of that race is laziness, isn’t just racism…it’s stupidity. You get so angry that you have to give your precious dollars to feed hungry kids and hungry old folks (which makes up more than half of the recipients of food stamps), you get so angry that minorities are just acting like savage animals, and you get so angry that ghettos exist taking advantage of the poor gullible Government. The same government that you probably believe is manipulative, greedy and taking advantage of you. There’s a reason it’s called government housing, because the gov’t came up with the idea. Its no coincidence that ghettos look like Prison Industrial Complexes, that the creeping police cars and closed circuit cameras function as a virtual panopticon. The ghetto isn’t an accident, and the people living there aren’t waiting for the gov’t to help them out, they are wishing someone would open the cage. Instead, you drive on by, like a man gawking at Ota Benga, believing he’s taking advantage of the zookeepers.

Your language implies that you believe these people are parasites, but they are not.The ghettoes aren’t the parasites on society, the completely corporate controlled government is the parasite on the people. And hundreds of years of racist policies have been designed to disenfranchise whole segments of the population. These same racist policies haven’t stopped at just affecting one race, it has become full on class/race/gender warfare.

Keep the proles hungry and stupid, fighting each other, and they will never rise up. You should’ve read 1984 when you were in highschool. But instead, you probably believe 1984 was the year of the last great American President – Ronald Reagan. The almighty god of the conservative right, who wages a war on terror from the grave. Freedom from the tyranny of the unwashed masses. A holy crusade against everyone who isn’t a rich man. There ain’t no section 8 housing in their heaven.


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