Dear Mister Misses

I have been with my boyfriend for 6 months now. Things are great between us and I really see a future for us. The only problem is our sex life. I am highly attracted to him but his sex is boring. I so badly want him to be rough with me. I love the feel of a mans hands around my throat, the feel of his teeth pushing into my skin. I need him to call me dirty names and Fuck me hard. How do I get this from him without A. Having think I am a freak, B. Scaring him away, C. Hurting his feelings or D. all of the above?


Dear P,

Multiple Choice Sex, sometimes the answer is 3 people, other times, the question is 1 person. Sex is as personal as fingerprints, but for some reason, most of us don’t look at our fingertips and wonder “Why am i so twisted?” One of the first ways to have great sex, is to get rid of the rules, and realize that the way you love sex is perfect the way it is, and you get to have a present for yourself whenever you get laid. But a present is even better, when it’s a gift all wrapped up and given to you just because you’re great. But it’s so hard to buy gifts for even close friends, so usually the best gifts are the ones that you know they put a lot of thought into them.

If you have a great relationship in all other aspects, i’m 100% positive that whatever your boyfriend learns about you sexually, will not just arouse him, he’ll be eager to do, as long as you convey what you want, what you’re comfortable with, and how some power play is more about play than it is about power.

Sure, he won’t be great at first, they’ll be some awkward moments where he might say something weird like “I’m gonna choke the shit out of you” and you just start laughing at how ridiculous it came out. But that’s the great thing about great relationships, you have time.

You have time to find out each square inch of another person, where a freckle sits under an armpit, the spot on your legs where you’ve missed shaving, the crooked way his teeth smile, and you have time to create a real life together. Sex is just a part of your relationship, but as you get closer, you’ll find that the sex also becomes closer.

Give it time, and fear not, if he’s a keeper, he’ll be calling you a “fucking slut who loves sucking his fucking dick you little whore…i love you” in no time at all.


One thought on “Dear Mister Misses

  1. Funny and sounded advice….if Love is what y’all are truly in then no one should be scared to say anything. If you earned his Love honestly then continue to be honest. Sex is about mood and capturing that mood; Rough when tough, sweet in romance, and quick when the time restricts. Relationship will mode two people into one, but y’all have to be open to be close!!!!

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